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About Clikk

The founders being specialists in route to market solutions, have developed and implemented strategies throughout Africa. They continuously came across significant shortfalls in the leveraging of new technology to drive customer service and efficiencies whilst reducing cost. Together, an innovative solution was developed in order to significantly step change any company’s ability to service customers.

Clikk now offers two different models to customers; distributor and retail. In the distributor model, the principal effects distribution through a distributor, and the software drives information up the channel together with improved customer service (business to business transactions). The retail model involves the creation and maintenance of a country wide delivery driver database, with the software enabling a crowd sourced ‘Uber’ like grab functionality to effect deliveries in as short a delivery window as possible (business to consumer transactions).

Clikk is a software and support solution that sources the right drivers at the right time to ensure on-demand deliveries are made fast and efficiently

Clikk Strengths

SERVICE Deliverers!

Delivering service to customers and consumers is our ultimate goal that will be
achieved by implementing Clikk in your business.

Experience in developed
and developing countries

We’ve worked and lived in South, East and West Africa providing us with a competitive
edge that very few companies can truly offer.

Route to Market Specialists

Our route to market experience in all sectors of business gives us the advantage to ensure flawless implementation to your last mile

Understand the paradigms of
Distributors, customers and consumers

We are experts in Developing, Designing, Implementing and Measuring Sales and distribution strategies to ensure operational relevance throughout your market for long term sustainability


Want to get special high volume prices and learn more about reducing customer support and delivery fleet costs?

Clikk Services

Consult on best
possible solutions

Implement the solution

Continuous support
(24hour call centre)

Provide cost effective technology

Track your delivery in real-time


Real-time tracking means you can always see how far your delivery is. And you can plan accordingly.